Marquee Sizes

Single Marquees
6m x 6m 24 30
6m x 9m 48 60
8.5m x 8.5m 40 60
8.5m x 11.5m 80 100
Suggested Combinations
2 No 8.5m x 11.5m 128/160 200
2 No 8.5m x 11.5m & 1 No 8.5m x 8.5m 200 260
3 No 8.5m x 11.5m 240 300

Tell us your plans and we can create a layout to suit.


Please note:

  • Maximum capacities do not allow for dance floors, bars, circulation areas, reception areas, catering tents, etc. They all assume guests being seated at 1.5m diameter round tables - see sample configurations. We can also supply trestle tables